Publications For Sale

1. International Immigration & Tax Guide
Publication explaining all US visas available to foreign nationals along with an overview of taxes as well as basic terminology regarding corporations and other important information. Also includes a qualifying form establish which visa individual would qualify for. Price=($15.00)

2. Florida Lifestyles
Publication describing the different regions of Florida and the benefits that these areas have to offer. Price =($15.00)

3. US Credit Building Guide
Publication on establishing and building credit in the USA including credit cards, mortgages, automobiles, bank loans, social security numbers and credit reporting.

4. Mortgage Acquisition Guide
Publication on the basis of securing a mortgage and the benefits of doing so as well as the process and all documents that will be needed along with a check list of important steps to take before applying for a mortgage. Price=($15.00)

5. Buying a US Business
What you should know about buying a US business along with explaining about the entire process involved with the purchase. Will inform readers of the important areas of consideration as well as explaining important terms and considerations in buying a business. Price =($15.00)

*** Purchase any three publications for $30.00 or all publications for $50.00

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