Advisory, Consulting

Free consultation

We make sure we understand what business and immigration support each international client needs. We then help them in their plan, stand up strategies and support them in the realization.

We take time with our international clients to scope consultancy projects carefully so that we can find the right solutions.

Our expert ans specialist will act as an adviser, holding meetings that fit with client timetables. Clients can expect to have to take on certain tasks themselves, guided by our adviser.

Practice Areas

We offer help in four major areas:

Strategic Direction

  • building governance and effective boards
  • strategy development and business planning
  • supporting and developing by giving education and knowledge
  • improving marketing and business by experts to be recommended by the Chambers

Business Management

  • structuring organisations
  • working towards merger or collaboration
  • special advises and consultancy on specific fields (taxation, services, retail, manufactures, etc)
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Immigration and Relocation issues

  • planning immigration
  • background analysis
  • create solutions
  • business plan projections
  • plan of future both personal and business
    • personal, business and family assistance
    • tools and systems on demand
    • helping hands at Authorities
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 Real Estate investments prospects

  • planning investments
  • commercial properties,  buy to let for income
  • holiday and residential properties for pleasure
  • administration support
  • guarantees, controls to protect of international buyer’s interest
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If you think you or your organisation could benefit, please contact us